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Eliz Beauty Enterprise

Ms. Liz Lim, the founder of Eliz Beauty Enterprise has always been passionate about spa beauty products. She first created her Eliz Spa Sea Salt with Ginger Root Oil 5 years ago. With only one product in hand, Liz single-handedly generated sales of thousand bottles a month.

Eliz Spa Sea Salt Ginger Oil is made for whitening, purifying, firming, reshaping and hydrating. Our products are uniquely blend with our own formula, refined over years of experience, experimenting and is based on feedback from our customers. Again, we would like to stress that we only release very unique products, using our in-house blend, thus you will have a unique experience which you can’t obtain elsewhere. The latest product under our umbrella is Eliz Bust Enlargement and Firming Cream.


Eliz Spa Sea Salt with Ginger Root Oil

The ginger root essential oil contain in Eliz Spa Sea Salt is derived directly from ginger root through the process of steam distillation or by cold pressing, which acts to remove the dead skin and cleanses the epidermis, leaving a feeling of freshness.

It refines the skin texture, softens and firms up the epidermis; restores freshness and radiance of your skin.

Eliz Spa Salt With Ginger Root Oil has now been sold to United States, Canada, Dubai, United Kingdom, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore etc. More and more people from all over the world is experiencing great results.

Within 3 weeks of using the 'Eliz Spa Sea Salt with Ginger Root Oil​', my arms and legs were significantly turned whiter and slimmer. This helped me to regain confidences especially while I'm walking on the street.
Liew Kit Ying
Satisfied user